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My story of DD, HOH and spanking is a long one that goes back 30 years. I've started "Tanning Her Hide" as a way for spankers in Washington state to get together. BDSM for example is not explored. We are strictly a club or society that believes in Spanking. What are your thoughts as a spanker or spankee? What would you like to do in regard to your spanking belief system? This is were you can explore those feelings. In the future we will be gathering together as a group to discuss our attitudes and desires regarding spanking. So join us if spanking is a small or huge part of your life.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Seeking Spanking Members In Washington State

Even though response has been slow I'm still seeking Spankers and Spankees to join "Tanning Her Hide" as members.  I know you're out there.

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